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Brand Crumar


Crumar is an Italian manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, founded by Mario Crucianelli at the end of the 1960s and already producing synthesizers and keyboards in the 70s and 80s. The company name is composed of "CRUcianelli and MARchetti", the name of the company founder and his business partner Marchetti. In 1978 Crumar launched their first full-fledged synthesizer, the DS-2, which had one of the first digitally controlled oscillators (DCO). The Crumar synthesizers are comparable to Moog synthesizers and other analog synthesizers, and in fact, the Crumar Spirit Synthesizer (1983) was designed by Bob Moog himself, along with Minimoog co-designer Jim Scott and Tom Rhea (who wrote Moog manuals). In 2008, the Crumar brand was taken over by a new Italian company, which soon afterwards began producing new keyboards under the Crumar name, including the Mojo clone wheel organ or the "Steven" digital e-piano, equipped with the latest technology in a 1970s style wooden cabinet.