K&M 18860 Keyboard stand »Spider Pro«

K&M 18860 Keyboard stand »Spider Pro«, Keyboard Stand

Item number: 10100265
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Keyboard Stand • Colum stand • Colour / Finish: Black • Feature: 3/8 or 5/8 threaded connection for microphone clips, cable guide on the column, leg room and space for pedals, compact transport dimensions, bearing pair of upper inclined by 15 degrees • Support spacing in cm: 67-94 • Edition Depth in cm: from 30 to 47 • Height in cm: up to 131 (height adjustable) • Weight in kg: 11,34 • Load in kg per article 35 • Instrument support: rubber mat • Material: aluminum • Features:
  • The next generation of the »Spider« keyboard stand,
  • Equipped with 2 pairs of extendable support arms one of which is tilted by 15°
  • The »Spider Pro« can be equiped with a further support arm for a third keyboard
  • The tilt of the »Spider Pro« is increased compaired to the »Spider« enableing a more comfortable use, while playing 2 or more keyboards
  • 3/8" or 5/8" threaded connector for the attachment of microphone booms
  • Incl. a cable clamp for cable management
  • The stand provides infinitely variable height adjustment has plenty of legroom due to a higher leg construction
  • The stand collapses easily in one piece.
  • Maximum load per tier: 35 kg
  • Weight 9.7 kg
  • Height: 1310 mm, AT: 300/475 mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Optional carrier bag 100004304