K&M 14081

K&M 14081, Keyboard Bench

Item number: 10100283
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Keyboard Bench • Color: Black • Feature: Height adjustment by gas springs, light triggered by co-injection temples • Height in cm: from 45 to 61 • Weight in kg: 11.5 • Capacity to max. 150 kg • Seat: upholstered seat with cloth cover (66 x 33 cm) • Material: Steel • The K & M 14081 Uplift Bank provides pure comfort when it comes to piano benches. Thanks to built-in gas springs, the height adjustment can be made extremely comfortably while sitting. Everyone finds their individual seating position immediately. The lock is released over a wide, easy-to-use strap. Its compact steel tubing construction and large round foot end caps make this attractive bench very stable. Excellent sitting comfort, the fabric cover, creates the perfect conditions for pleasant and relaxing music.