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JB Systems

The JB SYSTEMS brand is a registered trademark of BEGLEC NV, a Belgian sound & light distributor with more than 50 years of experience. During product development, which takes place in Belgium, special attention is paid to the comfortable use of the products. Each application has its own specific needs, and this is exactly what the engineers bear in mind when designing a new JB Systems product or concept. To meet the user's requirements, JB SYSTEMS invests in intensive field research. The close contact with customers and the feedback from the experienced employees result in "turnkey-ready" sound and lighting solutions for all areas. Professional users will appreciate the versatile and combinable functions, while beginners can intuitively take their first steps in the field of sound and light. Supported by an experienced multilingual team and service department in the middle of Europe, JB SYSTEMS is your ideal partner for budget-friendly and high-quality sound & light equipment.