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Drum Sticks Hot Rods Brand QSticks Amount of sticks / rods
  • 6

  • 7

  • 12

  • 19

  • 38

Material Rods
  • Birch

  • Maple

  • Beech


QPercussion is a company for drum fanatics.

They produce bars of the best quality available: the so-called QS bars.

QPercussion like to work on the details that make your drumming experience better, so they make the QSticks by hand. They carefully select the right types of wood and use their own production techniques. This is how QPercussion achieve the highest durability and a unique sound in every pair of QSticks.

QSticks ®, the Whisper and the Conversation: revolutionary new drumsticks or sticks (also known as dowel sticks or hot rods) used for playing at lower volumes.
The main advantages of the different models are the sonic versatility and durability of the sticks.