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Fusion UB-03 B Trumpet « GigbagFusion UB-03 B Trumpet, Gigbag£ 109,- Fusion AC-09 CSB Cornet Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-09 CSB Cornet Sleeve, Gigbag£ 12,30 Fusion PB-06 BK Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion PB-06 BK Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 291,- Fusion UB-09 B Bass Trombone « GigbagFusion UB-09 B Bass Trombone, Gigbag£ 176,- Fusion Urban Small -Fuse-on- Bag « GigbagFusion Urban Small -Fuse-on- Bag, Gigbag£ 69,- Fusion Urban Large-Fuse-on- Bag black/blue « GigbagFusion Urban Large-Fuse-on- Bag black/blue, Gigbag£ 85,- Fusion AC-16 AS B Altsax Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-16 AS B Altsax Sleeve, Gigbag£ 24,65 Fusion AC-17 TH B Althorn Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-17 TH B Althorn Sleeve, Gigbag£ 31,35 Fusion Urban Medium-Fuse-on- Bag black « GigbagFusion Urban Medium-Fuse-on- Bag black, Gigbag£ 69,- Fusion AC-15 TS B Tenorsax Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-15 TS B Tenorsax Sleeve, Gigbag£ 25,45 Fusion ACR-7 FHF-B Rain Cover Waldhorn fixed Bell « GigbagFusion ACR-7 FHF-B Rain Cover Waldhorn fixed Bell, Gigbag£ 20,25 Fusion ACR-1 C-B Rain Cover Kornett « GigbagFusion ACR-1 C-B Rain Cover Kornett, Gigbag£ 19,- Fusion UB-04 BK Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion UB-04 BK Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 137,- Fusion ACR-5 TH-B Althorn Rain Cover « GigbagFusion ACR-5 TH-B Althorn Rain Cover, Gigbag£ 19,60 Fusion CR-4 TT-B Rain Cover Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion CR-4 TT-B Rain Cover Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 20,30 Fusion UB-07 BK Trombone 9,5 " « GigbagFusion UB-07 BK Trombone 9,5 ", Gigbag£ 167,- Fusion UB-04 B Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion UB-04 B Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 137,- Fusion UB-01 B Cornet « GigbagFusion UB-01 B Cornet, Gigbag£ 109,- Fusion UB-08 BK French Horn fixed « GigbagFusion UB-08 BK French Horn fixed, Gigbag£ 137,- Fusion UB-09 BK Bass Trombone « GigbagFusion UB-09 BK Bass Trombone, Gigbag£ 176,- Fusion AC-11 FHS B Flügelhorn Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-11 FHS B Flügelhorn Sleeve, Gigbag£ 17,15 Fusion PB-04-BK Trumpet « GigbagFusion PB-04-BK Trumpet, Gigbag£ 198,- Fusion UB-03 BK Trumpet « GigbagFusion UB-03 BK Trumpet, Gigbag£ 109,- Fusion PB-13- L Euphonium « GigbagFusion PB-13- L Euphonium, Gigbag£ 218,- Fusion Premium Medium "Fuse-on"  black « GigbagFusion Premium Medium "Fuse-on" black, Gigbag£ 121,- Fusion UB-07 B Trombone 9,5 " « GigbagFusion UB-07 B Trombone 9,5 ", Gigbag£ 167,- Fusion AC-06 TSB Trumpet Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-06 TSB Trumpet Sleeve, Gigbag£ 16,70 Fusion UB-02 BK Flügelhorn « GigbagFusion UB-02 BK Flügelhorn, Gigbag£ 107,- Fusion PB-04-L  Trumpet « GigbagFusion PB-04-L Trumpet, Gigbag£ 195,- Fusion PB-04-O Trumpet « GigbagFusion PB-04-O Trumpet, Gigbag£ 195,- Fusion PB-15- BK Trombone 9,5" « GigbagFusion PB-15- BK Trombone 9,5", Gigbag£ 317,- Fusion PB-16 BK Bass Trombone « GigbagFusion PB-16 BK Bass Trombone, Gigbag£ 308,- Fusion UB-05 B Althorn « GigbagFusion UB-05 B Althorn, Gigbag£ 123,- Fusion PB-06 B Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion PB-06 B Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 301,- Fusion UB-05 BK Althorn « GigbagFusion UB-05 BK Althorn, Gigbag£ 120,- Fusion PB-12-BK Baritone Horn « GigbagFusion PB-12-BK Baritone Horn, Gigbag£ 203,- Fusion UB-08 B French Horn fixed « GigbagFusion UB-08 B French Horn fixed, Gigbag£ 137,- Fusion Urban Large-Fuse-on- Bag black « GigbagFusion Urban Large-Fuse-on- Bag black, Gigbag£ 94,- Fusion ACR-3 AS-T-B Rain Cover Trompete/Altosax/Flügelhorn « GigbagFusion ACR-3 AS-T-B Rain Cover Trompete/Altosax/Flügelhorn, Gigbag£ 20,30 Fusion ACR-6 TR-B Rain Cover Trombone « GigbagFusion ACR-6 TR-B Rain Cover Trombone, Gigbag£ 20,30 Fusion PB-06 L Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion PB-06 L Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 301,- Fusion PB-15- L Trombone 9,5" « GigbagFusion PB-15- L Trombone 9,5", Gigbag£ 284,-


High quality Fusion Bags have been on the market since 2008 and and have an ever-increasing popularity. The Fusion makers have recognised the musicians demands on their equipment and serve their clientele with a very elaborate and mature concept. The main needs of many amateur and professional musicians is, in addition to the safe transport of the instrument in any weather sufficient also space for their accessories. Even the Fusion Gigbags themselves have a lot of pockets. If this space is not enough, Fusion has found another tailor-made answer: additional bags that can be quickly and conveniently attached to the Fusion Bags for equipment that does is not always needed.
It is clear that the Fusion Bags developers and designers have been thinking about what musicians demand for functionality, flexibility and longevity.