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Fusion UB-04 BK Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion UB-04 BK Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 133,- Fusion UB-04 B Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion UB-04 B Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 136,- Fusion UB-07 BK Trombone 9,5 " « GigbagFusion UB-07 BK Trombone 9,5 ", Gigbag£ 143,- Fusion UB-08 BK French Horn fixed « GigbagFusion UB-08 BK French Horn fixed, Gigbag£ 136,- Fusion AC-09 CSB Cornet Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-09 CSB Cornet Sleeve, Gigbag£ 12,25 Fusion UB-07 B Trombone 9,5 " « GigbagFusion UB-07 B Trombone 9,5 ", Gigbag£ 166,- Fusion AC-11 FHS B Flügelhorn Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-11 FHS B Flügelhorn Sleeve, Gigbag£ 17,05 Fusion UB-02 BK Flügelhorn « GigbagFusion UB-02 BK Flügelhorn, Gigbag£ 107,- Fusion UB-03 B Trumpet « GigbagFusion UB-03 B Trumpet, Gigbag£ 109,- Fusion AC-06 TSB Trumpet Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-06 TSB Trumpet Sleeve, Gigbag£ 16,60 Fusion UB-01 B Cornet « GigbagFusion UB-01 B Cornet, Gigbag£ 109,- Fusion UB-03 BK Trumpet « GigbagFusion UB-03 BK Trumpet, Gigbag£ 109,- Fusion Urban Large-Fuse-on- Bag black/blue « GigbagFusion Urban Large-Fuse-on- Bag black/blue, Gigbag£ 90,- Fusion Urban Medium-Fuse-on- Bag black « GigbagFusion Urban Medium-Fuse-on- Bag black, Gigbag£ 73,- Fusion AC-16 AS B Altsax Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-16 AS B Altsax Sleeve, Gigbag£ 24,55 Fusion AC-15 TS B Tenorsax Sleeve « GigbagFusion AC-15 TS B Tenorsax Sleeve, Gigbag£ 24,80 Fusion ACR-6 TR-B Rain Cover Trombone « GigbagFusion ACR-6 TR-B Rain Cover Trombone, Gigbag£ 20,15 Fusion ACR-7 FHF-B Rain Cover Waldhorn fixed Bell « GigbagFusion ACR-7 FHF-B Rain Cover Waldhorn fixed Bell, Gigbag£ 20,15 Fusion ACR-1 C-B Rain Cover Kornett « GigbagFusion ACR-1 C-B Rain Cover Kornett, Gigbag£ 18,90 Fusion ACR-5 TH-B Althorn Rain Cover « GigbagFusion ACR-5 TH-B Althorn Rain Cover, Gigbag£ 20,15 Fusion CR-4 TT-B Rain Cover Triple Trumpet « GigbagFusion CR-4 TT-B Rain Cover Triple Trumpet, Gigbag£ 20,15 Fusion UB-09 BK Bass Trombone « GigbagFusion UB-09 BK Bass Trombone, Gigbag£ 175,- Fusion UB-05 B Althorn « GigbagFusion UB-05 B Althorn, Gigbag£ 122,- Fusion Urban Small -Fuse-on- Bag « GigbagFusion Urban Small -Fuse-on- Bag, Gigbag£ 69,- Fusion UB-09 B Bass Trombone « GigbagFusion UB-09 B Bass Trombone, Gigbag£ 175,- Fusion UB-08 B French Horn fixed « GigbagFusion UB-08 B French Horn fixed, Gigbag£ 136,- Fusion Urban Large-Fuse-on- Bag black « GigbagFusion Urban Large-Fuse-on- Bag black, Gigbag£ 94,- Fusion ACR-3 AS-T-B Rain Cover Trompete/Altosax/Flügelhorn « GigbagFusion ACR-3 AS-T-B Rain Cover Trompete/Altosax/Flügelhorn, Gigbag£ 19,80 Fusion UB-05 BK Althorn « GigbagFusion UB-05 BK Althorn, Gigbag£ 122,-

Fusion Urban

The Fusion Urban Series is designed for the musician who wants to get his instrument safely from A to B. The upholstery is 20 mm thick hard foam. The shoulder straps are well padded and clearly relieve the back. The practical outer pockets provide a lot of additional storage space for notes, music stands, mouthpiece and accessories. Need more pockets? , the premium "fuse-on" accessory pocket can be used to gain even more storage space, for example for dampers, microphone, cable or even rainwear. The bag is available in three sizes.