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Hokema Kalimbas - The sound is made by your hands. Hokema has been producing and developing this unique instrument in Germany since 1985. During his music studies, company founder and owner Peter Hokema discovered his passion for the kalimba and was so fascinated by this instrument that he wanted to make it known in Germany. With the Hokema Sansula he invented his own version of a perfect Kalimba in 2001. The Hokema Sansul has an oval wooden frame which is covered with eardrum and in the middle of which a small Kalimba is suspended freely swinging. This revolutionary kalimba model met with great enthusiasm and was registered as a petition. In the meantime, the family business is run by the second generation and has become a world leader in the production of beautiful and easy to play kalimbas. Hokema Kalimbas -The Sound Of Your Hands.