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Brand Hohner Series
  • Airboard

  • Amica forte

  • Big River Harp

  • Blues Band

  • Blues Harp

  • Bravo II

  • Bravo III

  • Chrometta

  • Chromonica

  • Comet

  • CX 12

  • Echo

  • Echo Harp

  • Force

  • Golden Melody

  • Little Lady

  • Marine Band

  • Marine Band Crossover

  • Marine Band Deluxe

  • Marine Band Thunderbird

  • Meisterklasse

  • Penta Harp

  • Pro Harp

  • Rocket

  • Rocket Amp

  • Rocket Low

  • Silver Star

  • Special 20

  • Student

  • Unsere Lieblinge



Company Philosophy

For Hohner music is one of mankinds most important forms of expression. Due to the development of contemporary Hohner music instruments, the company Hohner has been advocating musical creativity and communicative and spiritual strength. In every Hohner instrument the know-how and experience of a 150-year-old tradition can be found - to the pleasure and satisfaction of customers worldwide. "Music connects - and that´s what we work for!", is the motto of the traditional company.

Variety of Products

Today Hohner´s product range runs from harmonicas and accordions over melodicas, recorders, guitars and pianos to children´s instruments of the series "Play & Learn". With nearly 600 employees located in different parts of Germany and abroad, Hohner manufactures music instruments that are marketed in over 85 countries worldwide by using ultra-modern precision tools and continuously modified manufacturing methods. Hohner is the leading manufacturer of harmonicas and accordions worldwide and not only holds this leading position due to the technical head start, but also through the close contact to the customers and market.