Hohner Marine Band Deluxe D
Richter Harmonica Hohner Marine Band Deluxe DRichter Harmonica Hohner Marine Band Deluxe D (2)Richter Harmonica Hohner Marine Band Deluxe D (3)

Hohner Marine Band Deluxe D

  • Key: D
  • Tuning: Major
  • Number of reeds: 20
  • Coverplate finishing: stainless steel
  • Body material: Wood (Pear)
  • Reed plate material: brass
  • Reed Material: brass
  • Reed plate thickness: 0,9 mm
  • Length: 10 cm
  • Accessories: Zipper Case

Hohner Marine Band Deluxe D · Richter Harmonica

Hohner Marine Band Deluxe
When the Marine Band was introduced to the American market in 1896, no one could guess what lasting influence this instrument would have on the future of pop music. The low price and small size made the Marine Band a popular travel companion. The unique, almost plaintive sound of overblowing opened up a whole new world of creative expression.

That was the cornerstone of the Marine Band series, which has become a key figure and unleashes the raw emotion of the blues, the free spirit of country and the energy of rock'n'roll like no other. From the classic 1896 to the modern crossover, the Marine Band series offers genre-harmonicas that are still to this day the first choice of countless harmonica players around the world. All Marine Band models are made in Germany.

With the Marine Band Deluxe Hohner has brought the incomparable sound of the original blues harmonica into the 21st century. With smaller design tweaks that optimise handling, louder sound, and faster response, the legendary Marine Band has been reinvented and adapted to the needs of today's musicians.
The Marine Band Deluxe is more than just an upgrade of the well-proven blues harmonica (Marine Band Classic 1896). It is the re-discovery of deep emotions, the awakening of forgotten spirits, the revival of hidden energies. With the Marine Band Deluxe the Blues awakes to new life!

Thanks to the completely bolted construction, the Marine Band Deluxe is particularly easy to care for.
The improved lids with side openings and an open back give the harmonica more volume and stability. In addition, the Deluxe has a high playing comfort due to the rounded voice plates and channel openings and the two-fold painted pulpit body ensures a reduced swelling behavior and makes the Marine Band Deluxe particularly robust. The mouthpiece of the harp is additionally sealed with a layer of UltraGlide
A sturdy zippered case that lets moisture escape and protects against dust and dirt completes the Marine Band Deluxe.


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