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Chromatic Harmonica Hohner Chromonica II 270 C
Chromatic Harmonica Hohner Chromonica II 270 CChromatic Harmonica Hohner Chromonica II 270 CChromatic Harmonica Hohner Chromonica II 270 C

Hohner Chromonica II 270 C

(9 Ratings)
  • Key: C
  • Tuning: Major
  • Number of reeds: 48
  • Coverplate finishing: stainless steel
  • Material body: Wood (Pear)
  • Reed Material: Brass
  • Reed plate material: Brass
  • Reed plate thickness: 1,05 mm
  • Length: approx 15,5 cm
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Special Features: nickel-plated brass mouthpiece
  • Including: Harmonica, Case
  • Notice: Harmonicas are generally excluded from exchange for hygienic reasons!

Hohner Chromonica II 270 C · Chromatic Harmonica

Chromonica II 270, 48, C-major from Hohner

Chromatic harmonicas enable the player to perform music in all keys on one instrument. Actually they consist of two diatonic harmonicas in one, tuned a semitone apart - for example in C and C#. The slide button is pushed in to switch the airflow from one to the other, thus raising the pitch of each note by a semitone. By combining these two scales, all 12 notes of the chromatic scale are available (some of them twice), which opens up a wealth of new musical options to the player. Chromatic harmonicas can easily be distinguished from other harmonica models by the slide button on the right hand side. They are most commonly heard in classical music and jazz, but are also often used in blues, folk music and pop. All chromatic harmonicas feature tempered tuning.

The classic chromatic harmonicas. The high quality of workmanship and material ensure an excellent sound. Comb is made of pearwood or plastic. The models of the Chromonica Series are especially well suited for use in harmonica orchestras, but are also popular as solo instruments.

Key: C-major
Reeds: 48
Reed plates: Brass 1.05 mm
Comb: Wood

Hohner Chromonica
Play the Legend

Introduced for the first time more than 100 years ago, the Chromatic Harmonica was a musical revolution. Its unparalleled sound has been a major influence on classical music, jazz, pop and blues, and has strongly influenced these styles since its inception. Thanks to its unique sound, the Chromonica is suitable for gentle, harmonious melodies and fast, hot jazz riffs.

Even today, the Höhner Chromonica is the grandfather of all modern chromatic harmonicas. The Chromonica series embodies the spirit that inspired Höhner to build the first chromatic harmonica and is ideal for beginners and advanced players looking for the dynamics and feel of Larry Eagle or Toots Thieleman.

The Chromonica series includes the models: Discovery 48, Super Chromonica 270, Chromonica 270 deluxe and the 64 Chromonica (Chromonica 280).


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