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Brand Hagstrom Series
  • HJ

  • Retroscape

  • Super Swede

  • Super Viking

  • Swede

  • Tremar

  • Ultra Max

  • Ultra Swede

  • Viking

  • Viking Deluxe

  • Viking II



The company Hagstrom was founded by Albin Hagstrom (1905 - 1952) , wo at first was selling music instruments in Sweden. In 1932 Hagstrom begann producing accordeons. In the 50´s Hagstrom begann making acoustic guitars. Albin died in 1952 and his son Karl Eric Hagstrom took over the company.
By 1958 Karl Eric Hagstrom had started making electric guitars in Sweden. Many Hagstrom Models became bestsellers, some became legends and were played by legends such as Frank Zappa, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Larry Corryell, Rancid, David Bowie, Roxy Music or Abba.
The name Hagstrom was know for top quality craftsmanship and superb and unique sound. Even one of the most renowned archtop-guitar luthers in them days, James „Jimmy“ L. D’Aquisto, developed a complete range of archtop-models for Hagstrom – know as the „Jimmy“- and they enjoy greatest respect till this very day.
The best know E-guitars from Hagstrom are: Hagstrom Swede, Hagstrom I to III, Hagstrom Viking, Kent, Impala and Hagstrom Corvette. Several Hagstrom E-guitar models were also offered as 4 stringed basses, best known are the Swede, der Corvette and the Hagstrom Kent-modell. Special emphasise can be layed on the first 8 stringed bass made by Hagstrom, the H8 as this model was played by Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience).
In 1982 the last guitar was made in the swedish plant. Since then the demand for old Hagstroms is continually rising and Hagstrom guitars have become sought after collecters items.
By aquireing the name rights in 2005 an American cooperation is now producing Hagstrom guitars again. The range is a homage to the best know old Hagstrom models and are situated in the low to mid price range.
Just like the historic instruments all the new Hagstrom guitars have the patented H-Expander neck construction. This extremly stiff but yet light neck is very comfortable and playable. Even the old mechanics are reproduced to fit the guitars, the wings are a little smaller and a transmission ratio of 18:1 makes tuning very fast and easy.
The Hagstrom Block Stop Tailpiece diverts the string vibrato directly and widely to the body and generates a fat sound with a long sustain.
All Trem-models are fitted with the Hagstrom „Full Contact Tremolo” . The special construction garanties for a butter smooth handling and a better Sustain as other tremolo systeme on the market.
The self lubricating graphite saddle let´s the strings resonate freely and leads the string energy directly to the neck.
Hagstrom only uses fine, selected tone woods. Mahogany for a warm and full sound and canadian maple for a clean, defient tone are used by the best luthers in the world. All models have a new incredabel fret board made of a material called “resinator wood”. It is made of multiple layers, pressed together in a vaccum camber. Resinator wood is very stable and wrap resistant, infact more then any standard wood product. It´s the perfect frett board material because of its premium vibra and overtones behaviour, that eleminats all deadspots.
The original Hagstrom guitars are legendary and the new Hagstrom World Vintage Series is building on this reputation, original-machines and body forms from the original plant are used. If a machine was broke or no longer existant a new one was built using the original blueprints. These new Hagstom combine the long lost flair with the best technologie available.
Hagstrom – the resurection of a legend.