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T.A.D. RT001 Tube 12AX7A/ECC83 « TubeT.A.D. RT001 Tube 12AX7A/ECC83, Tube£ 13,15 T.A.D. RT164 Tube EL34 B « TubeT.A.D. RT164 Tube EL34 B, Tube£ 86,- T.A.D. RT214 Tube 6L6 GC STR « TubeT.A.D. RT214 Tube 6L6 GC STR, Tube£ 104,- T.A.D. RT874 Tube EL84-STR « TubeT.A.D. RT874 Tube EL84-STR, Tube£ 65,- T.A.D. RT005 Tube 12AU7A/ECC82 « TubeT.A.D. RT005 Tube 12AU7A/ECC82, Tube£ 13,15 T.A.D. RT872 Tube EL84-STR « TubeT.A.D. RT872 Tube EL84-STR, Tube£ 32,70 T.A.D. RT212 Tube 6L6 GC STR « TubeT.A.D. RT212 Tube 6L6 GC STR, Tube£ 51,- T.A.D. RT002 Tube 12AT7/ECC81 « TubeT.A.D. RT002 Tube 12AT7/ECC81, Tube£ 13,20 T.A.D. RT003 Tube ECC83-Cz « TubeT.A.D. RT003 Tube ECC83-Cz, Tube£ 14,95 T.A.D. RT154 Tube EL34L-Cz « TubeT.A.D. RT154 Tube EL34L-Cz, Tube£ 96,- T.A.D. RT152 Tube EL34L-Cz « TubeT.A.D. RT152 Tube EL34L-Cz, Tube£ 50,- T.A.D. RT501 Tube GZ34 « TubeT.A.D. RT501 Tube GZ34, Tube£ 19,45 T.A.D. RT272 Tube EL84 CZ « TubeT.A.D. RT272 Tube EL84 CZ, Tube£ 29,15 T.A.D. RT011 Tube 7025S Mullard « TubeT.A.D. RT011 Tube 7025S Mullard, Tube£ 30,80 T.A.D. RT312 Tube 5881WXT « TubeT.A.D. RT312 Tube 5881WXT, Tube£ 56,- T.A.D. RT504 Tube 5U4GB « TubeT.A.D. RT504 Tube 5U4GB, Tube£ 19,45 T.A.D. Silencer-8ohm, Black « Little HelperT.A.D. Silencer-8ohm, Black, Little Helper£ 308,- T.A.D. Stoff, silver/black 91x400 « Amp AccessoryT.A.D. Stoff, silver/black 91x400, Amp Accessory£ 153,- T.A.D. Stoff, silver/black/blue91x400 « Amp AccessoryT.A.D. Stoff, silver/black/blue91x400, Amp Accessory£ 171,- T.A.D. RT162 Tube EL34 B « TubeT.A.D. RT162 Tube EL34 B, Tube£ 43,25 T.A.D. RT030 Tube 7025/E83CC Highgrade « TubeT.A.D. RT030 Tube 7025/E83CC Highgrade, Tube£ 16,80 T.A.D. RT503 Tube 5Y3GT « TubeT.A.D. RT503 Tube 5Y3GT, Tube£ 13,15 T.A.D. RT812 Tube 6L6 WGC « TubeT.A.D. RT812 Tube 6L6 WGC, Tube£ 43,25 T.A.D. black tolex 138x400cm « Amp AccessoryT.A.D. black tolex 138x400cm, Amp Accessory£ 117,- T.A.D. brown tolex 138x400cm « Amp AccessoryT.A.D. brown tolex 138x400cm, Amp Accessory£ 117,- T.A.D. RT274 Tube EL84 CZ « TubeT.A.D. RT274 Tube EL84 CZ, Tube£ 61,- T.A.D. RT314 Tube 5881WXT « TubeT.A.D. RT314 Tube 5881WXT, Tube£ 105,- T.A.D. RT515 Rectifier Tube « TubeT.A.D. RT515 Rectifier Tube, Tube£ 14,95 T.A.D. RT814 Tube 6L6 WGC « TubeT.A.D. RT814 Tube 6L6 WGC, Tube£ 102,- T.A.D. Silencer-16ohm, BK « Little HelperT.A.D. Silencer-16ohm, BK, Little Helper£ 343,- T.A.D. Silencer-2ohm, BK « Little HelperT.A.D. Silencer-2ohm, BK, Little Helper£ 343,- T.A.D. Silencer-4ohm, CR « Little HelperT.A.D. Silencer-4ohm, CR, Little Helper£ 335,- T.A.D. Silencer-8ohm, Tweed « Little HelperT.A.D. Silencer-8ohm, Tweed, Little Helper£ 343,- T.A.D. snakeskin 136x400cm « Amp AccessoryT.A.D. snakeskin 136x400cm, Amp Accessory£ 117,- T.A.D. Stoff, black 91x400 « Amp AccessoryT.A.D. Stoff, black 91x400, Amp Accessory£ 153,- T.A.D. vintage tweed 166x400cm « Amp AccessoryT.A.D. vintage tweed 166x400cm, Amp Accessory£ 211,-


Based in Worms, Tube Amp Doctor is the specialist for everything that has to do with tube amps. The range includes the high quality, selected Tube Amp Doctor tubes and extensive spare parts and accessories are available for tube amplifiers.