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Shadow electro acoustic has been producing high quality and highly reliable pick ups for a wide range of music instruments. Joe Marinic, who founded the company in 1971, is still in charge today. He is an enthusiastic, successful and well known guitarist, who has gained popularity over the boarders of his home country. But his musical talents are not the only strengths of the Shadow founder. In his early years he had already gained huge technical talents and at 13 he was already owner of a self developed and built guitar amp. The enthusiasm for music and the consolidated electro-acoustic knowledge are still the columns on which his company is based. Shadow does not only produce pick up systems, the company has also contributed greatly in developing new technical standards.
Many of the products that are standard today were developed by shadow, for example the endpin preamp, the piezo guitar pickup, piezo bridge pickups or piezo pickups with additional mic. Furthermore Shadow was and is a pioneer in MIDI applications. Today shadow products are omnipresent in the world of musicians. Shadows product range includes pickups like : (Shadow SH 660, Shadow SH AZ48, Shadow SH EQ5, Shadow SH 064-9, Shadow SH Z1 NFX and Shadow SH 3001), Pre amps (Shadow SH EBP , Shadow SH Sonic Basic, Shadow SH Sonic NanoMAG, Shadow SH 863, Shadow SH JW 2 and Shadow SH Quarto) for western-, concert- and E-guitars, violin, cello, double bass, mandolin, banjos and other acoustic instruments and Midi equipment (Shadow SH 075, Shadow SH 075 DB und Shadow SH 1550). Shadow cooperates with musicians like Steve Morse, Ingo Hampf (Subway To Sally), Peter Autschbach, Chien Tan, Didi Beck (Boppin´B), Claus Boesser-Ferrari, Attila Zoller, Bernard Allison, Don Jones, Doug Deforest, Jeff Martin Band, Markus Kössler (Die Fantastischen 4), Paul Kelly, and many more. The successful combination of music and technical know how make Shadow to one of the oldest and experienced company’s in this business and the largest producer of pick up systems in the world. In the year 2005 over 800.00 pick ups and 300.000 pre amps where made by Shadow.