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Santa Cruz

In 1972 Richard Hoover founded the Santa Cruz guitar company in the city of the same name in order to build steelstring guitars. Since then they have developed into the “Rolls Royce” of steelstringed guitars. All Santa Cruz guitars (Santa Cruz D western guitar, Santa Cruz F western guitar, Santa Cruz H western guitar, Santa Cruz VJ western guitar Santa Cruz D-PW (Pre-War) western guitar, Santa Cruz OM western guitar, Santa Cruz OOO Western guitar, Santa Cruz Tony Rice western guitar i.e.) are made of solid sound woods, each chosen individually for every instrument and reworked by hand. Hoover orientates exclusively on old and legendary models and recreates them with the original love of detail. The large custom shop range offers customers the opportunity to have their own wish instrument built. Santa Cruz offers its interesting E-series at a very competitive price, the quality is the same as the other products, but they are plainer in design, making them interesting to people with a smaller budget. Today’s requirements and demands by modern guitarists are transformed into innovations of the Santa Cruz instruments. The most distinguishable features of all Santa Cruz guitars is: transparent sound in all ranges, perfect response, lovely long sustain and plenty of power. The very limited amount of Santa Cruz instruments being built guaranties the player to always have an absolute top model.