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Ovation has been a synonym for acoustic guitars for more then 30 years, especially in live situations on stage the guitars are omnipresent. At last Ovation offered a guitar with a piezo pickup that solved the feedback problems whilst in live use. We have sold many thousand Ovation legend models over the years

The company Ovation is now one of the leading American manufacturers of electro acoustic guitars; the headquarters are in Bloomfield, Connecticut. The founder of Ovation “Charles Huron Kaman “ was born on the 15. June 1919 in Washington D.C. as a son of German immigrants.

Charles H. Kaman originally built helicopters and was founder of the world famous Kaman Aircraft Corporation. He was a hobby musician and developed a guitar with his engineers in 1964 (yes he did use pieces of unused wood, left over from the helicopters) the wooden top was strengthened with struts and achieved a very balanced sound. He constructed the high tech Ovation Baladeer and became one of the top American guitar luthiers.