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Martin Guitars DRS2 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars DRS2, Acoustic Guitar£ 880,- Martin Guitars LX1E « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars LX1E, Acoustic Guitar£ 499,- Martin Guitars DJRE Dreadnought Junior « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars DJRE Dreadnought Junior, Acoustic Guitar£ 599,- Martin Guitars M 530 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars M 530, Western & Resonator£ 4,25 Martin Guitars MSP 4100 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars MSP 4100, Western & Resonator£ 5,70 Martin Guitars LX Ed Sheeran 3 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars LX Ed Sheeran 3, Acoustic Guitar£ 661,- Martin Guitars 000X1AE « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000X1AE, Acoustic Guitar£ 649,- Martin Guitars GBP Backpacker Steel « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars GBP Backpacker Steel, Acoustic Guitar£ 299,- Martin Guitars D-28 2017 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-28 2017, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.395,- Martin Guitars D-35 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-35, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.599,- Martin Guitars D-16GT « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-16GT, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.632,- Martin Guitars MSP 4200 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars MSP 4200, Western & Resonator£ 5,70 Martin Guitars M 180 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars M 180, Western & Resonator£ 9,- Martin Guitars MSP 3100 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars MSP 3100, Western & Resonator£ 5,50 Martin Guitars MSP 3200 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars MSP 3200, Western & Resonator£ 5,60 Martin Guitars MSP 4000 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars MSP 4000, Western & Resonator£ 7,- Martin Guitars M200/12 Silk & Steel « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars M200/12 Silk & Steel, Western & Resonator£ 7,05 Martin Guitars MSP 3050 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars MSP 3050, Western & Resonator£ 5,60 Martin Guitars M 550 « Western & ResonatorMartin Guitars M 550, Western & Resonator£ 4,65 Martin Guitars 000-15 m Streetmaster « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000-15 m Streetmaster, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.505,- Martin Guitars 000-28EC « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000-28EC, Acoustic Guitar£ 3.529,- Martin Guitars D-15M Streetmaster « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-15M Streetmaster, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.505,- Martin Guitars D-16GTE « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-16GTE, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.958,- Martin Guitars D-16RGT « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-16RGT, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.958,- Martin Guitars D-18CO Adirondack « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-18CO Adirondack, Acoustic Guitar£ 4.193,- Martin Guitars D-28 John Lennon « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-28 John Lennon, Acoustic Guitar£ 4.941,- Martin Guitars D-35 (2018) « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-35 (2018), Acoustic Guitar£ 2.904,- Martin Guitars DCPA4 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars DCPA4, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.639,- Martin Guitars GP-18E Grand Performance « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars GP-18E Grand Performance, Acoustic Guitar£ 3.424,- Martin Guitars GPC-18E Grand Performance « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars GPC-18E Grand Performance, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.542,- Martin Guitars HD-28 (2018) « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars HD-28 (2018), Acoustic Guitar£ 2.904,- Martin Guitars Model America 1 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars Model America 1, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.936,- Martin Guitars OMJM John Mayer « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars OMJM John Mayer, Acoustic Guitar£ 3.963,- Martin Guitars DRS1 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars DRS1, Acoustic Guitar£ 881,- Martin Guitars 000-28 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000-28, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.495,- Martin Guitars 000-28EC Eric Clapton Signature « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000-28EC Eric Clapton Signature, Acoustic Guitar£ 3.575,- Martin Guitars GPCPA4 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars GPCPA4, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.599,- Martin Guitars D-18 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars D-18, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.169,- Martin Guitars 000-15M « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000-15M, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.614,- Martin Guitars 000-17 Whiskey Sunset « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000-17 Whiskey Sunset, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.519,- Martin Guitars 00-15E Retro « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 00-15E Retro, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.899,- Martin Guitars DCX1RAE « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars DCX1RAE, Acoustic Guitar£ 775,- Martin Guitars 000RS1 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 000RS1, Acoustic Guitar£ 795,- Martin Guitars 00L-17 Black Smoke « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 00L-17 Black Smoke, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.100,- Martin Guitars 0X2MAE « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars 0X2MAE, Acoustic Guitar£ 661,- Martin Guitars DX1AE « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars DX1AE, Acoustic Guitar£ 649,- Martin Guitars GPC-16E Grand Performance « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars GPC-16E Grand Performance, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.382,- Martin Guitars GPCX1RAE « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars GPCX1RAE, Acoustic Guitar£ 775,- Martin Guitars HD-28 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars HD-28, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.499,- Martin Guitars HD-35 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars HD-35, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.876,- Martin Guitars M-36 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars M-36, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.691,- Martin Guitars OM-18E « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars OM-18E, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.911,- Martin Guitars OM-35E « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars OM-35E, Acoustic Guitar£ 3.264,- Martin Guitars Standard D-41 « Acoustic GuitarMartin Guitars Standard D-41, Acoustic Guitar£ 4.150,-

Martin Guitars

When Christian Frederick Martin from Markneukirchen in Germany started his apprenticeship in 1820 with the Vienna luthier Johann Stauffer he wouldn’t have dreamt that the millionth guitar baring his initials C.F.Martin would be made 185 years later. Today the company is in the sixth generation.

Johann Stauffer was the inventor of modern guitar machine heads, they made a precise tuning much more comfortable then the violin peg box used until then. After he finished his apprenticeship he returned to his hometown and started his own business. Soon after he started, he experienced serious problems with the local violin guilds and so he finally left for America in 1833, thus, Martin becoming an American and not a German legend. The same year he arrived, he opened a guitar workshop in New York. At first he connected with many musicians, wholesalesmen and other partners. A number of instruments from that time carry names such as "Martin & Schatz" or "Martin & Coupa".

In 1838 Christian Frederick Martin sold his shop in New York and relocated to Nazareth, Pennsylvania. After moving the workshop he had around 20 employees and expandeed continuously. In the 1840´s C.F. Martin invented and improved the X-bracing, which effectively increased the stability of the top. The X-bracing is still one of the best bracing patterns ever. The first manufacturing plant was opened in 1859. C.F. Martin passed away in 1867 and left behind a successful guitar manufactory.

Since the founding of the first workshop in New York, Martins success has never ceased. The company Martin Guitars is significant to the development of the acoustic guitar; they invented the Grand Concert, the Dreadnought and the X Bracing. The first Dreadnought was named after a huge warship and produced in 1916. It was the largest guitar body for a long time. After problems with the introduction of the new shape, it became accepted worldwide and is now a kind of trademark for Martin & Co. Martins have been played by Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Joan Baez, Neil Young, Mark Knopfler, John Denver, Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Paul Simon and many more.

The Martin range of guitars today leaves nobody´s wishes unfulfilled; they are cult and the dream of every guitarist. Many of the older models are available again today as reissues and make dreams come true for many guitar players.

Time Scale

1796: Christian Frederik Martin is born in Markneukirchen
1820: C.F. Martin starts an apprenticeship as a luthier with Johann Stauffer in Vienna
1833: C.F. Martin leaves Germany and establishes a workshop in New York
1839: The company moves from New York to Nazareth, Pennsylvania
1850: C.F. Martin unveils the 0-Model. The largest guitar of that time.
1873: C.F. Martin dies and C.F. Martin jr. takes over.
1902: The 000 is introduced and becomes a bestseller.
1916: Martin invents the Ditson Dreadnought
1931: After selling the Ditson Co. Martin takes the Dreadnought into the standard program
1950: Elvis Presley and many others concur the world accompanied by the legendary D-28
1979: Martin opens the Custom-Shop
1990: Martin makes the 500.000 Guitar.
1991: The Martin Backpacker is introduced
2005: The 1.000.000 guitar is finished.