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Hughes & Kettner

Hughes & Kettner is a German company that mainly produces and sells guitar amps. The Hughes & Kettner product range spans from the traditional tube valve amp to digital modeling amplifiers. Hughes & Kettner was founded in 1984 by the brothers Lother & Hans Stamer in Neunkirchen/Germany. At first they only produced loudspeakers. After 1986 Hughes & Kettner extended their range and included guitar amps. Following the expansion the company moved to a new production site in St Wendel / Germany in 1987 and is still situated their today. With the move came a change in the company structure. The tasks of Development and production were separated from marketing and distribution, which was taken over by 2 new subsidiaries; the “Stamer Musikanlagen GmbH” and the Music & Sales Professional Equipment GmbH”. The success of Hughes & Kettner was set with the release of the AS 64, the first digitally controllable and programmable guitar amp. Also new was the concept of a hybrid tube valve amp ATS 100 that extended the Hughes & Kettner product range in 1988. Today Hughes & Kettner is a market leader in the field of instrument amplification and is the only company worldwide using all available technologies on the highest level to offer a range of products from a puristic tube amplifier to fully digital amp modeling, making it possible to offer every guitar player a tailor-made solution. Hughes & Kettner products are made internationally; the very high level in quality control however is still in Germany. Today the name Hughes & Kettner is inseperatable with the stages in the world. Hughes & Kettner are appreciated by many top artists : Chris Henderson (3 Doors Down), Geoff Whitehorn, John Levén (Europe), Alex Lifeson (Rush), Allan Holdsworth, Rob Harris (Jamiroquai), Dave Navarro (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Mick McConell (Smokie), Lenny Kravitz, Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Steve Lukather (Toto), Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Slash. Furthermore the Hughes & Kettner equipment can be found on stage of the following artists : Jamiroquai, ZZ Top, Herbert Grönemeyer, Juli, Silbermond, Deep Purple, Counting Crows, Europe, Tom Jones, 3 Doors Down, Reamon, Monster Magnet, Meat Loaf, Anthrax, Robbie Williams, Elton John and many more