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Hannabach - Strings

Since 1869 the German company Hannabach has been producing high-quality strings for all sorts of instruments. Hannabach strings have a fantastic, very balanced sound and a precise intonation. Hannabach strings last quite long and are hand-made with academical expertise and selected materials.

Only Hannabach has such a wide range of strings (Hannabach 800, Hannabach 815 HT, Hannabach 815 LT, Hannabach 950 MHT Titanyl, Hannabach Custom Made 728 MT, Hannabach Flamenco 827 HT, Hannabach Goldin 725, Hannabach Bass- or Guitar 271, Hannabach Octave Guitar 835, Hannabach Double Bass Guitar 841 etc.) which are named the "Rolls-Royce" of classic guitar stings.

Hannabach - is always on the ...string!