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Guitar Slinger Products was founded by Alexander Beyrodt in 2009. After a stay abroad in Gran Canaria, the company's founderventured a new start in Germany. After touring with Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, Sinner and Rock Meets Classic (with Ian Gillan, Paul Rodgers, Alice Cooper and Steve Lukathe ramong others ), Alexander met Yuichiro Shirakuma in Tokyo, the founder of Montreux Parts. Heasked Alexander, if he was interested in selling his guitar parts. Of course he was. His fascination for guitars was as unrestrained back then, as it is today. And it all started very small, with a single distorted tone that he had played as a child on an old Höfner. From then on the world was no longer the same, and Alexander was completely infected.

With the right note at the right place, a guitar is able of touching people deeply. And the idea of individualizing and refining these instruments in a very special way, was simply irresistible for him. So Alexander imported the first parts and visited numerous vintage fairs in Japan and the USA. These articles were sold within a very short space of time, proving, that the enthusiasm for guitar products like this was shared here in Germany, too. The market answered accordingly and the company grew steadily. In 2014, Alexander finally started producing his own line: the brand GuitarSlinger Parts was born, to complement the Montreux range. Since then, both brands elated their customers with unmistakable precision and a vintage correctness par excellence.