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The company founder Steve FRYETTE settled in L.A. back in the 70´s. He aquired his experience by reparing and modifying the the amps of such greats as Eddi Van Halen, Steve Lukather, Larry Carlton, Tommy Tedesco, Ry Cooder, Buzzy Fieten, Carlos Rios, Dwayne Eddy, just to name a few! In 1989 he founded his own company VHT2150 and the first "Pittbull Classic Tops" which were a lightning success.

His "Pittbull Ultra Lead" donned him as being the innovator of real 3-channel amp tops. Many of the new guitar amps, distinguished models refer back to FRYETTE’s inventions, for example "Gain stacking" or the adjustable damping of the amp (Depth), - other manufachtures have copied them and call it "Low Resonance" or very similar.

Steve FRYETTE is also as creative with loudspeakes, always searching for that last bit of sound. With the P50 loudspeakers, his ideas have been realized. In particular the 12-Inch speakers are produced according to his requirements by Eminence and are built into all of FRYETTE speakers. Due to the patented V-Brake technology it is possible for Fryette to the tune speakers in different clang directions.

Steve FRYETTE suprised the experts with changing the company name from VHT to FRYETTE AMPLIFICATION. Steve FRYETTE once said "My amp designs reflect exactly that of which i have been looking for since i founded the company 20 years ago", the designs represent my personal opinion of how an amp and a musician interact. I have been thinking of putting my name on my products for years....and now finally i have done it, and i feel damn good about it"!
FRYETTE AMPLIFICATION has continuously grown and have obtained the necessary recognition with every step along the way to their 20th jubilee, justified merit for the innovative, excellent engineering achievement and depth of understanding for the artists creative impulse, also the ability to adapt to the ever changing musical tastes and anticipate market trends.