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Welcome to the World of DIEZEL...

The DIEZEL-Amps production plant is based in the heart of Germany. A small but very creative team are dedicated to keeping the developement of the Guitar-amps sector and especially their tube-amps technology constantly up to date.
Peter Diezel is a master of his trade and his name stands for the higest in quality and inovation. His years of experience as a musician and technician have enabled him to solve the notorious sound problems of guitarists, by giving the guitar sound a whole new dimension.
The DIEZEL – amps are mainly hand-made whilst paying rigour attention to its developement,"Assembly line production" is an alien concept to us!

Using only the highest quality parts, and giving a robust longlife finish can we dub our amps als "Sound machines" that answer every customers wish. Also proving that his newest release: HERBERT the ultimate powerhouse, will redefine the future of guitar sound!