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Brand Vemuram


Vemuram is a japanese company, which is searching for the guitarists holy grail of overdrive pedals.

Vemuram's sound designer is a veteran techician, who not only has extensive experience in maintaining and modifying vintage amplifiers and pedals, but also has developed pedals for various manufacturers in the past. Unfortunately, his creativity was blocked by an environment focused mainly on costs and sales.
Only the finest components however are used to make Vemuram pedals, including all brass enclosures or the secret "trimmer" for fine tuning the amount of distortion the pedal.
Vemuram's passion is build a pedal, that can truly perform on stage and in the studio. A pedal, that does not alter the original sounds of guitars and amplifiers. A pedal, that adds a pleasant, organic and natural distortion to the sound, like an extra tube.