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SX Guitars was launched in 1998. Certainly a very young company compared to other well-known brands. But as a manufacturer for other big companies, SX Guitars already has over 40 years of experience in producing guitars.
The company's history begins in the early 1960s when the migration from the US to Japan, then Korea, later Taiwan, took place, the company wwas a big part of this process and got the opportunity to produce many prestige brands.
The factory soon became one of the largest in Taiwan, gaining many of the best guitar-makers as possible and thus gaining and developing the know-how and culture of guitar making.
In 1994, they recognised the huge potential for the music industry in China and that's how Team China was born. First as a distribution company, which operated worldwide, but then more and more involved in the direct production there.
In no time, the brand "SX" became more popular and gained recognition in the market as the best value for money guitar brand. They then decided in 2003 to stop producing for others in order to focus on their own brand.
The secret of the unbeatable quality of the instruments in their price segment is the constant presence of quality control and the know-how of their own luthiers at the production sites to guarantee the consistently high quality of the "SX" instruments.