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Cream Tweedsound 21 Relic « Guitar AmpCream Tweedsound 21 Relic, Guitar Amp£ 1.426,-


Cream Amps

The amps from Cream are manufactured under the direction of the north german company Twinsound. Twinsound has dedicated itself to tube amps regardless of whether in the Hi-fi or the guitar sector.

The many different hand wired models were developed with great passion to detail by the best specialist in their field from north Germany. with their many years of experience in an international electronic group and "a little help from a friend" they formed the base for building good contacts to solid innovative foreign manufactures, for the production of Cream-Amps. The product quality is constantly monitored and developed further.

Being a small manageable company, with a small manageable range of products, Twinsound is enabled to fulfill individual customer requests whilst offering an extraordinary personal service!