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Brand Groove Juice

Groove Juice

Groove Juice, Inc. was founded in November 1996 by David Stirewalt. Groove Juice is the original spray for rinsing pool cleaners. In its first year of operation, David sold the product directly to music stores from Carolina to Florida. From there, the product spread through traveling drummers up the East Coast and from Maryland to Wisconsin.

1997- MBT International of Charleston, adopted the product as an MBT-exclusive product and began a nationwide campaign available to all U. S. distributors.

1998- Rick Van Horn of Modern Drummer Magazine reviewed the product in the March issue. In the review he said, "This is the simplest and most effective cymbal cleaner I have ever come across. In fact, it is so good and simple that it pushes the limits of the incredible.

After the review, sales of Groove Juice skyrocketed to become the number one selling drum kit accessory.

1999- Groove Juice was launched in Europe, Canada and Asia. Sticks magazine in Germany reviewed the product and said, "It was the best cymbal cleaner ever introduced to them". Groove Juice also introduced two new products this year: Groovin Glow, a guitar polish, and Shell Shine, a drumhead polish.

From 2007 to today, Groove Juice sells directly to wholesalers worldwide and in 2008 introduced a new product called Groove Juice Stick Grip.