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Göldo Strat Swamp Ash, unlackiert « BodyGöldo Strat Swamp Ash, unlackiert, Body£ 220,- Göldo TM060 Back Box « Tremolo SpringGöldo TM060 Back Box, Tremolo Spring£ 13,25 Göldo EL002 « SwitchGöldo EL002, Switch£ 12,15 Göldo Vintage Strat Stahlblock « TremoloGöldo Vintage Strat Stahlblock, Tremolo£ 30,90 Göldo J0020 « Jack plugsGöldo J0020, Jack plugs£ 6,10 Göldo NTVBF, Sattelrohling, Knochen « SaddleGöldo NTVBF, Sattelrohling, Knochen, Saddle£ 3,80 Göldo EL02C Toggle « SwitchGöldo EL02C Toggle, Switch£ 5,15 Göldo JLP0C « Input-Jack PlateGöldo JLP0C, Input-Jack Plate£ 3,55 Göldo Strat Swamp Ash, 2-Tone Sunburst « BodyGöldo Strat Swamp Ash, 2-Tone Sunburst, Body£ 282,- Göldo EL900 Professional Shield « Shielding-KitGöldo EL900 Professional Shield, Shielding-Kit£ 11,65 Göldo flach black « Pickup FrameGöldo flach black, Pickup Frame£ 2,65 Göldo Jazz Bass Swamp Ash, 3-Tone Sunburst « BodyGöldo Jazz Bass Swamp Ash, 3-Tone Sunburst, Body£ 264,- Göldo NTVBA, Sattelrohling, Knochen « SaddleGöldo NTVBA, Sattelrohling, Knochen, Saddle£ 4,- Göldo SNF42 gekerbt « SaddleGöldo SNF42 gekerbt, Saddle£ 1,25 Göldo Strat 21 frets, Vintage Radius, RW « NeckGöldo Strat 21 frets, Vintage Radius, RW, Neck£ 118,- Göldo JLP0G « Input-Jack PlateGöldo JLP0G, Input-Jack Plate£ 3,55 Göldo US250 10mm « PotentiometersGöldo US250 10mm, Potentiometers£ 4,35 Göldo ELK3W « Switch ButtonGöldo ELK3W, Switch Button£ 1,60 Göldo EP13C « EndpinGöldo EP13C, Endpin£ 1,10 Göldo WS038 Sattelfeilen Set « Guitar/Bass ToolsGöldo WS038 Sattelfeilen Set, Guitar/Bass Tools£ 84,- Göldo KBHVG Knob, Plexi, hat-shape « Pot KnobGöldo KBHVG Knob, Plexi, hat-shape, Pot Knob£ 4,- Göldo J002B « Jack plugsGöldo J002B, Jack plugs£ 7,70 Göldo KBCLA "Chickenhead"-Knob, Plastic, large « Pot KnobGöldo KBCLA "Chickenhead"-Knob, Plastic, large, Pot Knob£ 2,55 Göldo NTB40 Stegeinlage Vintage Bone « Bridge InlayGöldo NTB40 Stegeinlage Vintage Bone, Bridge Inlay£ 6,30 Göldo Tele US Erle, Black « BodyGöldo Tele US Erle, Black, Body£ 207,- Göldo GTPQ5 gekerbt « SaddleGöldo GTPQ5 gekerbt, Saddle£ 5,05 Göldo EKT3B « Switch ButtonGöldo EKT3B, Switch Button£ 1,35 Göldo Extender slide Sattel « SaddleGöldo Extender slide Sattel, Saddle£ 8,50 Göldo J0026 « Jack plugsGöldo J0026, Jack plugs£ 1,80 Göldo J0027 Deluxe Stereo-Buchse « Jack plugsGöldo J0027 Deluxe Stereo-Buchse, Jack plugs£ 2,55 Göldo EL2PK, Schalterplatte « Truss Rod CoverGöldo EL2PK, Schalterplatte, Truss Rod Cover£ 3,45 Göldo J0018 « Jack plugsGöldo J0018, Jack plugs£ 4,35 Göldo US500 10mm « PotentiometersGöldo US500 10mm, Potentiometers£ 4,35 Göldo EL500LH original CTS Poti Lefthand « PotentiometersGöldo EL500LH original CTS Poti Lefthand, Potentiometers£ 5,25 Göldo SNA42 gekerbt « SaddleGöldo SNA42 gekerbt, Saddle£ 1,25 Göldo Strat 22 frets, 12" Radius, RW « NeckGöldo Strat 22 frets, 12" Radius, RW, Neck£ 167,- Göldo US003 « SwitchGöldo US003, Switch£ 14,05 Göldo WS039 Bundfeile « Guitar/Bass ToolsGöldo WS039 Bundfeile, Guitar/Bass Tools£ 17,60 Göldo WS045 Fretboard Guard « Guitar/Bass ToolsGöldo WS045 Fretboard Guard, Guitar/Bass Tools£ 2,50 Göldo KB02G Dome Speed « Pot KnobGöldo KB02G Dome Speed, Pot Knob£ 3,90 Göldo SN12S gekerbt « SaddleGöldo SN12S gekerbt, Saddle£ 1,25 Göldo US005 « SwitchGöldo US005, Switch£ 14,05 Göldo WSGNC Guitar Nut Cube Minitool « Guitar/Bass ToolsGöldo WSGNC Guitar Nut Cube Minitool, Guitar/Bass Tools£ 17,60 Göldo ELK5B Toggle Switch Epiphone « Switch ButtonGöldo ELK5B Toggle Switch Epiphone, Switch Button£ 0,90 Göldo ELK5K Toggle Switch Les Paul « Switch ButtonGöldo ELK5K Toggle Switch Les Paul, Switch Button£ 0,90 Göldo US5XL 10mm « PotentiometersGöldo US5XL 10mm, Potentiometers£ 7,85 Göldo EP13G « EndpinGöldo EP13G, Endpin£ 1,60 Göldo JA00C « Jack plugsGöldo JA00C, Jack plugs£ 7,70 Göldo EL500L 8mm « PotentiometersGöldo EL500L 8mm, Potentiometers£ 4,10 Göldo KB15G Speed Knob for Gibson « Pot KnobGöldo KB15G Speed Knob for Gibson, Pot Knob£ 3,90 Göldo KBTLC Knob for Tele « Pot KnobGöldo KBTLC Knob for Tele, Pot Knob£ 4,35 Göldo LP JLPPK « Input-Jack PlateGöldo LP JLPPK, Input-Jack Plate£ 1,35 Göldo WS001 Bundkantenfeile « Guitar/Bass ToolsGöldo WS001 Bundkantenfeile, Guitar/Bass Tools£ 52,- Göldo EP13B « EndpinGöldo EP13B, Endpin£ 1,10 Göldo JA00B « Jack plugsGöldo JA00B, Jack plugs£ 9,- Göldo SNG42 gekerbt « SaddleGöldo SNG42 gekerbt, Saddle£ 1,25 Göldo E500P « PotentiometersGöldo E500P, Potentiometers£ 11,75 Göldo EL250L 8mm « PotentiometersGöldo EL250L 8mm, Potentiometers£ 4,10 Göldo KB00C Dome Speed « Pot KnobGöldo KB00C Dome Speed, Pot Knob£ 3,55 Göldo KBSVB Strat-Style « Pot KnobGöldo KBSVB Strat-Style, Pot Knob£ 1,70


The history of Göldo Music reaches back way into the 1970s. Precisely in 1978, when "Rockinger Guitars" was founded, with the world’s first electric guitar kits, plus a range of replacement parts at sensible prices.
In 1981 they set up their own US distribution company - ROCKINGER-USA - in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
Just one year later, the company already shipped tremolos, pickups and pickguards to South Africa and to New Zealand.

In 1991 internal differences led to a split and the founding of Göldo Music which focuses on wholesale, production, distribution, import and export of own and outsourced components.

In 1995 the newly designed, but retro-stylish Duesenberg Starplayer guitars hit the market and are an immediate success. Up to this day, the Duesenberg user list grows bigger and bigger, including names like Slash, Billy Gibbons, Mike Campbell, Ron Wood, Joe Walsh, Keith Urban and Mike McCready.