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Furman is the brand for electronic products made by Furman Sound, LLC, founded 1974 in Petaluma, California.

Seit der Firmengründung entwickelte und fertigte Furman professionelle Elektronik-Produkte und wurde seitdem eines der weltweit führenden Unternehmen für Spannungsstabilisierung und -verteilung.

Since the beginning Furman has developed and manufactured professional electronic products and is now a world leading company specialised in AC power conditioning and distribution

Over 100 different Furman products are made in the companies’ own manufacturing plant. The products fall into two broad categories: the audio and video signal processors (on which the company was founded) and the innovative AC power conditioning and distribution. The best known products are: Furman PS-PRO/E II power-conditioner and -sequencer, Furman SB-1000/E emergency power / USV, Furman AC-210E mini-power-conditioner, Furman PowerFactor Pro Rack/E power-conditioner and distribution, Furman PM-PRO/E II distribution, Furman PL-8/E II distribution, Furman PowerFactor Pro/E and many more.
Additional applications for our Professional Audio/Video products include sound reinforcement, home and professional recording, post production, broadcast systems, telecommunications, and data processing.