Friedman Buxom Boost

Friedman Buxom Boost, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Preamp Booster with 3 Band EQ • Effect Type: Booster • Technology: Analog • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Controls: Mid, Bass, Treble, Tight, Boost • Modes: 2 Modes • Switches: EQ Bypass • Bypass Mode: True bypass • Power supply: 9 - 18 Volt DC, center negative • Power Consumption: n. a. • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power • Housing size: Standard • Dimensions (WxHxD / cm): 6,4 x 4,2 x 12,0 • Weight: 0,283 kg • Country of Origin: Made in USA • Boutique Effect: yes • Dave Friedman's next coup: After the Megaseller BE-OD and Sir Compre, the Buxom Boost is a high-end booster / preamp pedal. Like the Buxom Betty Amp, the pedal provides a clear, round clean boost, which helps even somewhat "tame" amps on their feet. With the active 3-band EQ, the pedal can easily be adjusted individually to the guitar or amp. The Tight controller has been adopted from the BE OD, which can produce a decent boost in the bass. The EQ can be taken out of the signal path, if necessary, and 18V operation is possible for an extended headroom.