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Fog machines

A fog machine produces artificial fog by evaporating a supplied fluid. Hence, the full name is also evaporator fog machine. Depending on the type of machine and fluid, the properties of the fog can be changed in terms of durability and density. Fog machines are used in movies, television and on stage to create a mystic atmosphere. They are often used at parties and discotheques to increase the spatial impact of spotlights and laser beams. By scattering the fog droplets, light rays become visible from the side. Fog adds depth to the room by gradually covering it up. In addition, fog serves as an aid for technical purposes such as speed measurement (via LDA) and the visualization of air and gas flows. Fire brigades use fog as a largely harmless substitute for the obstruction of vision by smoke in exercises. In model making, the smoke rising from chimneys and locomotives is simulated. When fog machines are used in buildings with optical fire detection systems, the fire detectors will be triggered.