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Werner Tomasi

Werner Tomasi, a native of Lienz, began his musical education at the age of six.
His musical career led him to the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (now Vienna University of Music), where the founder and head of the Viennese flute workshop studied flute with Professor Gisler-Haase.

The winner of the WANAS Foundation from the Vienna Philharmonic used to play regularly at concerts of various ensembles and orchestras and is now a member of the Vienna Flautists, an association of eight flautists.

Tomas' approach to flute building is decisively influenced by the perspective of the experienced flautist and rooted in his endeavor to make the sound characteristics of the flute scientifically and rationally comprehensible. Since 1986, he has been conducting various research projects on flute construction in collaboration with the Institute for Viennese Sound styles at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and funded by the German Research Promotion Fund.

It was thus possible to obtain important insights into the influence of the material on the flute sound as well as on the possibilities of the sound optimisation in gold head pieces and to use these for the purpose of flute building.

Werner Tomasi also uses his experience in high-quality flute making for the flautists of tomorrow. With Professor Gisler-Haase, a children's flute has been developed which satisfies both the physical and the sound requirements. This has been produced since the spring of 2010 as a "Wave-Line" flute by Azumi.