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Pearl Flutes

Pearl - A wonderful sound!
The most important argument for choosing a pearl flute is the sound. For many years now, the flute builder Pearl has been building the best that can be offered on the Flute market. Perfection and attention to detail have made Pearl Flutes the first choice for many flautists. Suggestions from the practice and the know-how of experienced musicians are regularly taken up by the Pearl Flute maker team as suggestions for improvement and included in the construction and production.

In 1968 the company Pearl, together with the Japanese flute builder Tatsumi Shimoyama in Chiba / Japan, founded a workshop for the production of high quality flutes. Together with master Shigehi Hirose and now more than 80 employees, these exceptional flute builders are outstanding in their craftmanship and enjoy a high reputation in the flute scene worldwide. Tradition and innovation are the two main pillars and have led to the unique development of the "One Piece Core Bar" and the "Pinless Key Construction", which have set standards worldwide.

It goes without saying that other innovative ideas are not only concerned with the improvement of the mechanics, but also with the perfection of the head and the mouth-plate in respect of sound aspects.