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Verne Q. Powell

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Verne Q. Powell

The company Verne Q. Powell is very closely connected with its namesake. Verne Q. Powell was originally a jeweller by profession and built a flute made of a variety of silver objects in 1910, including spoons and watch cases. Until 1926, Verne Q. Powell worked for a flute company in Boston and then founded his own company, with the goal to build high quality and innovative flutes. He prevailed with great international success. Since the founding of Verne Q. Powell, the manufacturer's history has been marked by innovation and dedication.

In 1928, the first transverse flute made entirely of 14-carat gold was produced, followed soon by piccolos and alto flutes. Particularly noteworthy are also the so-called "Aurumite transverse flute" and the 19.5-karat red-gold flute. The Aurumite Flute is a 9-karat gold flute mixed with a silver interior. The instruments known today as the conservatory flute began in the early 1990s.

Introduced in 2002, the Sonaré Flute combines a professional, hand-crafted Powell headpiece with a higher-quality cabinet. This combination offers the unique sound and quality of Powell flutes at an affordable price. All Sonaré flutes include handcrafted ton holes and Powell cabinets.

In 2016, Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc. was acquired by the Buffet Group and incorporated into the largest group of wind instrument manufacturers in the world.