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Flutes Flutes with closed keys Brand Koge


The transverse flutes from Koge are thoroughly tested, and then released for sale after completion and an appropriate, several-day "resting phase" by an experienced flautist and flute teacher.

Koge flutes are recommended for an individual introduction to the world of flute playing and offer a balanced and market-orientatedd price / performance.

They inspire by light response in all positions, modulation capable sound volume and balanced intonation.

(Except for Models 11, 12 and Piccolo), double-skinned pads, conical stainless steel springs and special resonators characterize the smooth and reliable mechanics of all KOGE flutes.

The models 11, 12 and 22 are completely silver-plated flutes. They are distinguished by their easy response and bright sound. A special feature is the flute for children, model KF-11.