Fishman Matrix Infinity Wide

Fishman Matrix Infinity Wide, Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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Acoustic Guitar Pickup • Instrument: Acoustic / classical guitar • Type: Piezo • Active/Passive: active • Connection: Infinity Preamp, End pin • Preamp: Yes • Including: Preamp, End pin, co polymer Pickup • Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural II Active Pickup Systems (Wide Format) The Natural II is voiced to control boominess in instruments that have plenty of deep bass, such as scallop-braced dreadnoughts or jumbo-style, rosewood instruments. The Natural II’s flat frequency response is ideal for all instruments, either large or small, that are played at high stage volumes. These systems have a great sound, "plug and play" simplicity, and are coupled with incredibly long battery life (8,000 hours). The Natural I and II offer Fishman quality in a basic package with no volume or equalization controls. These miniature preamps fit inconspicuously within our new Switchjack™, which discretely replaces the endpin of your guitar. The Pickup The Acoustic Matrix pickup is an advanced, proprietary co-polymer sensor available only from Fishman. This single sensing element aids pickup balance and reproduces a very accurate sonic snapshot of both the strings and the soundboard. Smooth, natural, transparent response and trouble-free installation make it the premier guitar pickup available today. Available in narrow (.094"/2.3mm), wide (.125"/ 3.2mm) and split saddle formats. Acoustic Matrix Pickup Features • Made with a unique co-polymer sensing material available exclusively from Fishman. This material exhibits a sensitivity and dynamic range that far surpasses all other known materials. • Fully EMI shielded. • Multi-layered arrangement of co-polymer strips run the length of the pickup. This design allows the pickup to sense the motion of an entire guitar saddle’s length, providing superb string-to-string balance, as well as sensitivity to both the strings and top of the instrument. • May be plugged into any acoustic guitar amplifier, sound system, recording console or direct box with excellent results. • Available in WIDE (1/8", 3.2mm) and NARROW (3/32", 2.3mm) and split saddle formats. Choice of Natural I or Natural II preamps. The Preamps The Acoustic Matrix preamp offers a buffered low impedance output, which matches perfectly with the input on any amplifier, direct box, recording console or P.A. system. All Acoustic Matrix Systems require a 9-volt battery, and come equipped with an Acoustic Matrix Pickup and the new Fishman Switchjack. Installations should be done by a qualified repairperson. • Acoustic Matrix Preamp Features • Employs state-of-the-art surface-mount technology in its exclusive endpin-mounted, miniaturized interfacing preamp which doubles as a jack for your 1/4" cable. • Fully-buffered, miniaturized circuit. • Housed in an elongated shielding cap. • Discrete transistors for low noise. • Extremely low current consumption allows years of use between battery changes. • Onboard microphone may be wired directly to the preamp for use with the Fishman Blender System.