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Sabine FBX1200 « Feedback KillerSabine FBX1200, Feedback Killer£ 564,- Sabine FBX2410 « Feedback KillerSabine FBX2410, Feedback Killer£ 689,-


Sabine – loudspeaker management systems, equalisers and feedback killers at Musik Produktiv

The right sound for the right price – Sabine’s motto.

Sabine’s new product line of audio system processors is causing quite a bit of turbulence in the industry. The gear is very flexible to use, as the NAVIGATOR processors were designed for the highest possible standard in sound quality.

Today Sabine feedback killers are the only devices that are accepted as a standard by professional acoustic designers. They react and filter feedback very fast and reliable, every year the Sabine technicians come up with new improvements to how they can use their DSP experience to refine the Sabine range.