Expotruss Fangseil 4mm 100cm

Expotruss Fangseil 4mm 100cm, Traverse Accessories

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Traverse Accessories • Rope • Type: Traverse accessories • Maximum weight capacity: 16,0 kg • Material: Steel • Colour / Finish: Silver • Approval: DIN 56927:2002-05 • Dimensions: 100 cm • Cable Diameter: 4,0 mm² • Area of application: Traverse • Safety cable with quick-release fastener for overhead mounting of light effects, lights etc. • Highly sturdy • Max. Load capacity 10 kg • Saftey Cable according to DIN 56927: 2002-05 - Safety Cables • Important information about safety ropes:
  • According to DIN 56927, the maximum fall distance is 20 cm.
  • The ropes used must be mounted accordingly.
  • All parts which could be released from the device during the fall (eg colour filter frame) must be additionally secured.
  • The cables are not allowed to rub anywhere or be laid over edges that may cause kinking
  • The connectors must not be placed on hot appliances (lights, etc. ), since there is a risk of material changes due to heat.
  • Is the safety cable suitable for the existing weight load?
  • Is the safety cable marked with the load capacity, manufacturer and year of manufacture?
  • Are parts worn out?
  • Safety devices and the associated connecting elements must not show any visible wear. As soon as bends or cracks occur, the corresponding part may not be used anymore!
  • Safety devices that have been subjected to an incident must be replaced. If, for example, the maximum service life indicated on safety ropes is reached, they must be replaced immediately.