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BEHRINGER is a world leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of audio equipment, music instruments and accessories. The comprehensive range of products match the widespread needs of professional and armature uses. The product categories include: audio-technologies, computer-based recording, DJ-products, loudspeakers & amps, microphones/headphones/wireless-systems, mixer/power mixer, instrument combos and professional lighting equipment.

BEHRINGER was founded 1989 in Germany and is seen as the international market leader, at present has 2500 employees and is one of the fastest growing companies in the business. The Behringer cooperation has subsidiaries in 10 countries on 5 continents. Thanks to the worldwide presence and an international network of distributors and dealers, Behringer products are available in over 125 countries.

The Behringer product range spans from E-guitar and bass amps (Behringer Bass BXL1800A Ultrabass combo, Behringer bass BXL900 Ultrabass combo, Behringer Vampire LX112 combo and Behringer V-Tone GMX110 combo) and effects as well as mixer (Behringer RX1602 Pro Eurorack, Behringer SL2442FX-Pro Eurodesk, Behringer XENYX 1204 u.a.), DJ-Equipment (Behringer VMX100 Mixer, Behringer VMX300 Mixer, Behringer HPX4000 DJ-headphones), PA, microphones and studioquipment over Lighting (Behringer LD6230 light mixer, Behringer LC2412 Light mixer). By outsourcing the production to China and the resulting cost efficiency, Behringer is extremely successful in the low price segment.