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Western & Resonator Guitar Strings Elixir Nanoweb Bronze Extra Light .010-047

Elixir Nanoweb Bronze Extra Light .010-047

(4 Ratings)
  • Strings: 6 string
  • String Gauge: .010 -
  • Material: 80/20 Bronze
  • E1 String: .010p
  • H2 String: .014p
  • G3 String: .023 W
  • D4 String: .030 W
  • A5 String: .039 W
  • E6 String: .047 W
  • Coated

Elixir Nanoweb Bronze Extra Light .010-047 · Western & Resonator Guitar Strings

Elixir® Acoustic 80/20 bronze strings with NANOWEB® coating offer a brilliant, vibrant sound.

Elixir® is the only string brand that uses an ultra-thin coating to protect the entire string and prevent dirt from entering the winding gaps - and also provides reduced picking noise.
Those looking for a more durable tone have come to the right place - players report that their tone lasts longer than with any other string, coated or not.
Plus, the comfortable feel is easier on the fingers and improves playability.
The Anti-Rust steel strings resist the tone-killer rust and provide a longer life for the entire set.
So overall, less hassle and cost of frequent string changes, which in turn means more time to play! No wonder that Elixir strings are the best selling strings for acoustic guitars!

Elixir Nanoweb
With the Nanoweb strings Elixir Strings is the only manufacturer which protects the strings from dirt and fluids with a very thin coating therefore avoiding corrosion. The strings feature stable performance and sound. In addition, the playing sounds are reduced to a minimum ideal for stage and studio.


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