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Electro Voice

The world famous company Electro Voice has been producing microphones, loudspeakers and amplifiers for over 75 years. The company was founded by Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs in South Bend, Indiana in 1927 and has become a true global player - one of the most influential manufactorers of microphones and loudspeakers of the last millennium.
Electro Voice gained first recognition by inventing the “Hum compensating coil” in 1934 and for the first noise free microphone in 1942. At the end of WWII Electro Voice’s microphone T-45 won a special achievement prize. Later on in 1962 Electro Voice was awarded an Oscar (Academy Award) as an acknowledgement to the company´s progress in movie sound and the invention of the Electro Voice 642 “Shotgun” mic.

Electro Voice also contributed strongly to increasing the sound quality in jazz, blues and rock.
Archive material of Elvis Presley show the Rock n´ Roll idol using the classic dynamic microphone Electro Voice RE10.

A further development by Electro Voice was the Variable-D® that eliminates pop sounds and flattens the frequency range. The Variable-D is an important part of the Electro Voice microphone RE20 which is a reference microphone with broadcast and recording studios.

Electro Voice is one of the first company’s to enter the market with a Neodymium based microphone series called N/DYM®. Electro Voice has also gained an excellent reputation for building the most revolutionary loudspeakers in the industry. The range reaches from the 30” woofer called “30W” of 1959 all the way to the brand new “X-line” line-array-speaker system. During the 70´s Electro Voice pioneered in using holographic speckle interferometry to study and control diaphragm movements, around the same time Electro Voice was the first manufacturer to include the Thiele-Small-Parameter into its product specs. The 80´s saw the development of the Manifold Technology® and the production of the MT-4 high-pressure concert systems used with many of the largest tours of the last century. Further innovations include: The Electro Voice RMD™- (Ring Mode Decoupling) technology, development of the professional tour speakers Electro Voice X-Array and the speakers Electro Voice Eliminator, which is one of the most favoured Electro Voice products. In 2000 the X-Line® array was introduced and soon became one of the most popular line array systems on the market, used by Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Puddle of Mudd, Tool, Incubus, B.B. King i.e. In 2002 Electro Voice opened a new research and development department on the premises of the headquarters in Burnsville (Minnesota), with over 10.000 m² floor space, making the company fit for the future to always come up with new technologic breakthroughs in the field of pro audio.