Electro Harmonix Nano Steel Leather

Electro Harmonix Nano Steel Leather

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  • Effect Type: Dynamic filter
  • Enhances bass guitar attack
  • Adds more definition to your bass
  • Expander operates over a narrow frequency range
  • Increases attack
  • Provides more dynamic playing
  • Effect Level dial
  • Response dial
  • Powered by 9V battery or optional AC power supply (not included)

Electro Harmonix Nano Steel Leather · Bass Guitar Effect

The Electro-Harmonix Nano Steel Leather bass guitar attack expander pedal gives your bass playing more punch!

Make your bass guitar tones more dynamic with the Electro-Harmonix Nano Steel Leather Expander. This controllable percussive bass effect pedal from Electro-Harmonix enhances attack and is a must-have for any musician wanting a harder-hitting bass sound.

The Steel Leather from electro-harmonix gives a bass guitar a sound that will punch through any mix. The Nano Steel expander pedal enhances the picking and plucking of notes on the bass guitar, giving the notes a sharp attack that will easily cut through. Two knobs adjust the amount of effect from subtle attack to total emphasis of the attack. The louder you play, the more Steel Leather expands and emphasizes the attack. On quiet notes, there may be no expansion at all. This means you can use the Electro-Harmonix Steel Leather bass expander pedal to sharpen attacks simply by playing louder.

Where a compressor takes a given dynamic change and reduces it, an expander increases it, making changes larger and so making the sound more dynamic.

Electro Harmonix Nano
Electro Harmonix has a heart for overloaded Pedalboards, The Nano series pedals are housed in space-saving pedal boxes in standard size, so that even the usually huge Big Muff can be easily accommodated.


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