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In 1976 David Schecter founded the distribution company for high-quality guitar building and spare parts in VanNuys, California. The first public attention he gained was through "The Who" guitarist Pete Townshend who wanted a guitar out of complete Schecter parts. The cat was out of the bag when Pete and Who-singer, Roger Daltrey played the first Schecter guitar in their video that was braodcasted on MTV in 1982. Music viewers really thought that Schecter also built guitars - by mistake. Yet, the demand for these nobel guitars grew after "Dire Straits" mastermind Mark Knopfler ennobled his guitar with Schecter pickups and parts. David Schecter was forced to relocate his company to Dallas, Texas in order to meet with the demands. But, everything changed: The young company threatened to break down under it´s own demand. At the beginning of the 90s the Japanese entrepreneur Hisatake Shibuja saved the company Schecter from it´s ruin. After moving back to California the companies business route changed. From then on Schecter built less, but guitars of higher quality. Finally Schecter returned into the muiscal spot light at the Summer Namm with his Diamond Series in 1998. Til today the success story hasn´t ended!