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Below are some important activities of Mahalo. We believe they played an important role behind Mahalo's sharp increase. You can see the growth almost coincided with them:

2001: released full range color ukuleles with match color bags (U30) and they immediately became the propeller of Mahalo's rocketing increase. They are still the biggest sellers and most successful model of all Mahalo ukuleles till now. Today, there are numerous color ukuleles in the market. We are not sure whether we are the first company to make color ukuleles, but one thing we can be sure is that this trend is driven by Mahalo.
2004: we started to sign with Miss Hawaii to be our endorsee.
2005: we started to use Nubone saddles. It's a heavey investment to use such good parts on low cost ukuleles. The goal is nothing but better sound. We are well rewarded cos' the significantly improved sound is a key factor of Mahalo's success.
2006: we changed the U30 body shape to a slimmer shape, for better sound again. In the same year we released the first ukulele kit (U1KIT) and the Mahalo DVD. One thing we have to mention about the DVD is that, it helped to develop several markets that were completely new with ukuleles.
2007: we released U2K at the NAMM show in January, and ULP1 and UTL1 at the Shanghai show in October.

The secret of our success is nothing but our insist on better quality. With the 1st million achieved, we are not feeling contented, or will be resting on this laurel to make no more progress. We will definitely continue working hard to make better products.

At last, we will not predict when we will achieve the 2nd million sales, it's meaningless and a waste of time. Most important is, we will keep on focusing on daily management and quality control. As you sow, so shall you reap. It's true wisdom.