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LsL Saticoy - Charlesetta « Electric GuitarLsL Saticoy - Charlesetta, Electric Guitar£ 1.764,- LsL Saticoy - Esmilda « Electric GuitarLsL Saticoy - Esmilda, Electric Guitar£ 1.871,-


LsL was founded in 2008 by Lance S. Lerman and his wife, Lisa S. Lerman in the garage of their home. They never intended to go into business but the business kind of made itself. After an eventful career, building instruments and furniture, Lerman built his vintage dream guitar by himself due to the lack of money whilst a phase of reorientation.
So the T Bone was born out of a need (or at least a really, really want) for a guitar that played and sounded like the real thing. You know, the kind of instrument that magically sucks the music out of you. That kind. When he was finished, he showed the guitar to an incredible (and honest), guitar player, the kind of guy who can play anything in any style in any key at any time, a local guitar hero, wouldn't pull any punches with his opinion either. To make a long story short, the guy was impressed. And it turned out that a lot of people seemed to agree with him. So LsL was born. Clearly it's been some kind of miracle. Lerman actually made the guitar he wanted and it turns out, a lot of other people wanted one, too. The kind of guitar that just sucks the music right out of you!

And at LsL the crew continues to do just, exactly that, every day.