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Brand GJ2


Grover Jackson, a true legend of it's own, has been making guitars since 1978. His reputation came from the rockstars, he was building guitars for in the 1980s and one of his most memorable clients was Randy Rhoads. In fact, the first guitar ever, that bore the name "Jackson" on it's headstock, was the famous cut-off Flying V we today all know as the Randy Rhoads model. The rest is history, as they say.
In 1989 however, Grover Jackson sold his now famous company to a japanese producer and left Jackson in 1990.
Subsequently he worked as designer and consultant for several companys, such as Washburn, Rickenbacker, G&L, Tacoma, Sadowsky and B.C. Rich.

Since 2012 Grover Jackson builds high end handmade guitars, mostly "Superstrat" models, under the name of GJ2 Guitars.