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Duesenberg Julia NB « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Julia NB, Electric Guitar£ 1.848,- Duesenberg Paloma WH « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Paloma WH, Electric Guitar£ 1.831,- Duesenberg D59-TBB-S « Electric GuitarDuesenberg D59-TBB-S, Electric Guitar£ 1.574,- Duesenberg Bonneville DBN-CR « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Bonneville DBN-CR, Electric Guitar£ 1.360,- Duesenberg Bonneville DBN-VW « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Bonneville DBN-VW, Electric Guitar£ 1.326,- Duesenberg Carl Carlton DCC-TO « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Carl Carlton DCC-TO, Electric Guitar£ 1.540,- Duesenberg Carl Carlton DCC-TO-L Linkshänder « Left-Handed Electric GuitarDuesenberg Carl Carlton DCC-TO-L Linkshänder, Left-Handed Electric Guitar£ 1.540,- Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola TDBLLN « TremoloDuesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola TDBLLN, Tremolo£ 101,- Duesenberg Double Cat 12 String CTG « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Double Cat 12 String CTG, Electric Guitar£ 1.883,- Duesenberg Double Cat CTG « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Double Cat CTG, Electric Guitar£ 1.711,- Duesenberg Fullerton TV Stardust « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Fullerton TV Stardust, Electric Guitar£ 1.969,- Duesenberg Gran Majesto DM2-CTG-S « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Gran Majesto DM2-CTG-S, Electric Guitar£ 2.011,- Duesenberg Gran Royale DR1-VO « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Gran Royale DR1-VO, Electric Guitar£ 1.747,- Duesenberg Julia BK « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Julia BK, Electric Guitar£ 1.635,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV Custom DTV-CM-BK « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV Custom DTV-CM-BK, Electric Guitar£ 2.115,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV Mike Campbell DTV-MC « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV Mike Campbell DTV-MC, Electric Guitar£ 2.295,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV Mike Campbell DTV-MC40 « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV Mike Campbell DTV-MC40, Electric Guitar£ 1.968,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV Outlaw DTV-OL « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV Outlaw DTV-OL, Electric Guitar£ 2.190,- Duesenberg Les Trem II Tremolo « TremoloDuesenberg Les Trem II Tremolo, Tremolo£ 67,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-2T « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-2T, Electric Guitar£ 1.968,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-BK « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-BK, Electric Guitar£ 1.883,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV Phonic DTV-PC-VNW « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV Phonic DTV-PC-VNW, Electric Guitar£ 1.968,- Duesenberg Alamo Multibender Lapsteel « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Alamo Multibender Lapsteel, Electric Guitar£ 1.612,- Duesenberg Bonneville BK « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Bonneville BK, Electric Guitar£ 1.367,- Duesenberg Domino Nickel Neck « Electric Guitar PickupDuesenberg Domino Nickel Neck, Electric Guitar Pickup£ 76,- Duesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh GB « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh GB, Electric Guitar£ 2.295,- Duesenberg Berlin « Guitar StackDuesenberg Berlin, Guitar Stack£ 3.167,- Duesenberg Berlin Amplifier « Guitar Amp HeadDuesenberg Berlin Amplifier, Guitar Amp Head£ 2.567,- Duesenberg Custom Line TV case « Electric Guitar CaseDuesenberg Custom Line TV case, Electric Guitar Case£ 187,- Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola TDBLN « TremoloDuesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola TDBLN, Tremolo£ 115,- Duesenberg Gran Majesto CR « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Gran Majesto CR, Electric Guitar£ 2.003,- Duesenberg Gran Majesto LH CG « Left-Handed Electric GuitarDuesenberg Gran Majesto LH CG, Left-Handed Electric Guitar£ 2.567,- Duesenberg Starplayer Special DSP-BK « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer Special DSP-BK, Electric Guitar£ 1.069,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-2T-S « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-2T-S, Electric Guitar£ 1.883,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-BK-S « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-BK-S, Electric Guitar£ 1.797,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-CPL « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-CPL, Electric Guitar£ 2.135,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-TO « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-TO, Electric Guitar£ 1.856,- Duesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-VW « Electric GuitarDuesenberg Starplayer TV DTV-VW, Electric Guitar£ 1.857,-


Duesenberg Guitars are a brand of the Göldo Music GmbH company from Hannover/Germany that produce electric guitars and electric basses in a very special own art-deco-Style.

The brand Duesenberg has been in use since 1986 by Dieter Gölsdorf for very futuristic Heavy Metal guitar design. In the year 2000 the sales were starting to pick up fast and Duesenberg decided to open a distribution company in America in 2004.

Today Duesenberg is a small but worldwide known and respected brand for premium quality electric guitars with special looks and sound.

The name Duesenberg is identical to that of the car company founded by the brothers Friedrich und August Duesenberg that made the most luxurious and powerful cars in the 1920´s. In many cases the guitars have the same nickname as the car name relatives, referring to them as “ Doozy” The Duesenberg guitars have this special Art Deco flair and are a tribute to the 40´s and 50´s.

Most of the Duesenbergs are designed following the traditional hollowbody construction, much loved by jazz-guitarists.

The other Duesenberg guitars with solid bodies also follow traditional designs. The Art Deco style is found on many applications made to the guitar. Here you will find typical style elements such as grand vintage alnico pickups, classical Fender scale length plus a Gibson-like fingerboard radius. Most of the vintage-style tailpieces, bridges, tremolos, pickups and controls come with greatly improved details. To underline the style some of the guitars are finished in pearl mosaic with chrome.

This is a small selection of artists using Duesenberg guitars: Sheena Ringo, Ron Wood, Robbie McIntosh, Chris Spedding, Billy Gibbons, Chris Whitley, Colin Hay, Herbert Grönemeyer Band, Mike Campbell, Wir sind Helden, Thomas Stolle, Tito & Tarantula, Stephen Duffy, Bela B., Mike McCready, Elli, Bloodhound Gang, Elvis Costello, Peter Maffay, Carl Carlton, and Tony Joe White.
The most seen Duesenberg guitars are: Duesenberg Rocket, Duesenberg The 49er, Duesenberg V-Caster , Duesenberg Starplayer, Duesenberg Double Cat, Duesenberg Imperial, Duesenberg Carl Calton and Duesenberg Ron Wood.

Assembly and fine tuning are done in the workshops in Hannover, making a Duesenberg a real premium product made in Germany for ambitions players.