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Drum Sticks Drumstick wrap Brand Eucatape


Eucatape is a hand drum tape filled with eucalyptus for drummers and percussionists. Eucatape will positively change the way someone approaches drumming. It will bring a cooling sensation to your hands while you play, and the taping of your fingers and hands will help protect the surface of the skin for a greater longevity of drumming. Eucatape is a perfect accessory for any drummer or percussionist and a great tool for musicians. The pleasant aromatic scent of Eucatape will enhance your drumming experience, and the sturdy can can be reused for many other purposes.

Eucatape Drumming Tape by Drum Nerd, heals, protects and strengthens your hands while drumming synergistically and allows more touch sensitivity with your drumsticks than traditional drum gloves.

Eucatape is blended with wonderfully fragrant eucalyptus oils, which with their natural anti-inflammatory properties help to protect and heal your hands from existing blisters, cracks or cuts and leave your hands soft and without leaving sticky residue.

Eucatape has a durable fabric tape that protects your hands from blisters and gives you a better grip without slipping, whether you rock your drums or use your hands for Latin, Jazz, Africa, Conga, Cajon and other percussion instruments.

A traditional drum glove can be warm and uncomfortable, wear out quickly and affect your style (unless you're looking for the look of a marching uniform). Eucatape not only heals and protects your hands when you use drumsticks or hand drums, but also looks and feels cooler.

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