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In the early 1970s Zog formed boards and ran a small surf store in Goleta, California. As fate would have it, a chemist named Nate Skinner worked in a building next to Zog's store. Zog and Nate got to talking and decided that with Nate's scientific training and Zog's surfing background, they were the perfect couple to develop a unique high performance surfboard wax.

Over the next year, Nate created and modified several wax prototypes that Zog tested and evaluated under real surfing conditions. Eventually they came up with a formula that met their specifications. The SexWax for surfboards was born. Later, waxes for snowboarders, field hockey players and drummers followed. And so the "Sex Wax Mr. Zog's Original for Drummers" was born. Within a few years Sex Wax reached a worldwide market.