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Tackle Instrument Supply know that the relationship that musicians enter into with their equipment is a sacred relationship, and they seek to protect and promote that relationship through high-quality, well-designed cases and accessories. Inspired by the historical cases of past eras, Tackle products preserve the classic, simple aesthetics of those early designs, but with the integrity and durability of modern production.

Tackle Instrument Supply was founded in 2011 by Scott McPherson in Portland, OR, and now operates out of Minneapolis, MN. On his world tour as drummer for Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, She & Him, Beck and many others, Scott experienced firsthand how quickly drum bags can let him down. He recognized that there was a need for durable drum bags that could withstand heavy use while capturing the timeless look of his old favorite drum bags. Each item is designed by Scott with the needs and preferences of professional drummers and musicians in mind.