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Brand Stageworks


The products of StageWorks were born out of a simple premise: to provide high quality, easy-to-use music products and accessories that alleviate some of the most common problems faced by today's professional musicians.

After extensive field testing, they found that the Stageworks ® mat not only helped with keyboard pedals, but was also perfect for guitar effects and drum and hihat pedals. It is even used to prevent lap steel guitars from slipping and is also great for floor percussion!

The Rimma® was designed to make it easier for drummers to store their sticks on a drum kit so that they are quickly accessible without interrupting the performance. Most conventional stick holders are positioned to the side of the drummer. This can lead to a loss of balance when reaching for the sticks. The Rimma® allows the sticks to rest on the edge of the bass drum directly in front of the drummer. By positioning the sticks in direct line of sight and within easy reach, you can eliminate the loss of balance. The quick-release mechanism ensures that you "don't miss a beat" when reaching for your sticks.

The G-Stand® provides a solution to the common problem of not being able to put your acoustic guitar down, especially when a guitar stand is out of reach. Now you'll never lose your guitar stand again because the G-Stand® is firmly attached to your guitar and stays attached to your guitar even while you're playing.

Our team of professional musicians and designers is always looking for new and interesting problems to solve.